3: 54 am

You waited for so long to get it that you did not wanted it anymore. You even decided to even move on and not wait for that one thing you wanted so desperately, things were so dead set.  

And guess you did move on.
You came off, surmounting the long standing will to have it, in no time.

But there is a plot twist, just after you moved on and did not care enough of it anymore, It blows in your life.. just on your door step !
And, you were in love with the idea of having it so much that you couldn’t resist. Everything happened so suddenly that you couldn’t blow it off.And now after few months of having it you are stuck, not enjoying it anymore, not caring about it enough. That’s what happens with the things when people have them because they are merely in love with the IDEA of having them.

Note : Came up with something in just 4 minutes with no edits.

 Might delete later

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