Hey ! 


what’s up? 

I’ve been looking for you.

Who am I? 

*chuckles slowly* 

I am the voice that will follow you everywhere, I know all your insecurities and I’ll use it against you. I’ll get to a point where the only voice you can hear in the room is ME! And guess what? I am here for no good intentions. I am going to challenge your ability to think, to sleep, to eat and even breathe. I will give butterflies in your stomach, not those which you get when you see your crush. These little monster will rip of your stomach and leave you overwhelmed. I know, *long pause* I know you will try to get rid of me but dont you worry… I’ll be waiting for you there, in the foyer ! To follow you religiously when you return to fill your room with dread. And finally after a long day when you will be resting on bed I’ll make you question your value, your pride and yourself. Since I have your back now I’ll make you spend your energy just to be normal.

“Well It’s funny how you become villain in someone’s story and a hero for some. But it’s wierd If you become both, in a story that belongs to you.”

Your’s sincerely,


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