So what are you feeling today ?

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How often do you feel worthless? Once in a month ? Or daily? Everyone has blues in their lives, has this lasted for more than it Should have? and you are not able to discern your own feelings? Well, it is totally fine that you are not able to peel off those unwanted feelings. Although your depression is not as shallow as the chemical changes (which induces depression), it’s all about our brains only. The phrase Its how you take it will square in this matter.

Let us take an example of me and my mother ; for me ,my muddled up room is not even an issue but for her it is and she gets that fake mental breakdown until it is in an ‘ apple-pie-order’! So, what I want is you to arrive at a very simple conclusion that we attract what we are full of : A negative person allures only negativity.

No you dont need a travel plan to wash away the negativity which has been augmented in your psyche or help from such people who are not even this close to gather their own life . All you need is a serene place to ruminate. And ask yourself these three questions :

1. The way I feel right now am I going to feel the same way even after 10 days from now?

2. Will my current problem (like, failure,criticism,rejection,grades,irritating boss/colleagues.) will they matter to even after 10 months?

3. Where do I see myself after 10 years?

If you get excited and get scared at the same time with the 3rd question you are absolutely dreaming it right! Whoever is reading this just remember ,

β€œ If you succeed in your life you get powerful ; If you fail in your life you get wiser ’’

~ For all the one’s feeling depressed : you are not alone !

Ps: Thank you everyone for giving me so many view for my last blog. The language may vary Because these all are written when I was 15 or 17. Do comment for any opinions /suggestions.

Thankyou 😘

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  1. Wow, what a thought provoking post! This is a great reminder that the little thing we worry about in the present don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I LOVE the success quote at the end, so true! πŸ™‚


  2. What an encouraging perspective. And the quote recaptures your post so well. Failure makes us wiser. So often, we feel defeated by failure but we’d never grow if we didn’t fail.


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