Letter to my future son/daughter.

5899531-newborn-photography-tips-4Dear future son / daughter,

      I am going to one day ,notice a change in your tone,your eyes will look weary and broken. I won’t ask you what’s wrong.I will wait till you are fast asleep. I will climb into bed with you. I will hug you close and not say a word for a moment. You will wake up confused and i will see your eyes from crying. I wont ask you whats wrong and tell you to come with me to your favourite restaurant,i will get you your favourite food . I will grab your face and tell you to look at me. You are a blessing,you are a bright star. Do you see that star shining up there? Thats you! You are that bright star. Dont burn out just yet ,you are UNIQUE, INTELLIGENT , BEAUTIFUL . You are YOU. Do not ever think any less of you.you continue to shine bright.

     I won’t ask what’s wrong because I know what’s wrong. I have been there ,my mother was not there but I am here for YOU. 


Ps: So this is my first blog guys i hope you like it ,dont forget to leave a comment and let me know about your opinions

Stay tuned.. xoxo


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